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   The creation of Darkowl was motivated by a desire to uplift marginalized communities. Whether you have experienced a challenging upbringing in Foster Care, lacked parental guidance, or faced mental health obstacles, Darkowl is committed to supporting you. The purpose of Darkowl is to empower the disadvantaged, the underprivileged and provide a sense of direction for all.

   The Ancient Egyptians viewed owls as guardians of the afterlife, guiding and safeguarding lost souls who unintentionally entered their domain. They embodied bravery, divine intervention, and exceptional knowledge

   In Japan and China, owls symbolize good fortune and protection, some say that the owl also has a connection to feng shui. It’s said that placing an owl in your home either through an object or painting will banish negative energies and bring about abundance: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Darkowl plans to have its logo displayed in as many clothes, homes, schools, sports events, animal events, and buildings as possible to continue to show the support towards protecting those disadvantaged who cannot

  Owls symbolize inner wisdom, change, transformation, intuitive development, good luck, and self-actualization, Some people wonder, is an owl a good omen? The answer depends on who you ask and the culture you’re living in. That’s because there are several meanings for owls, and each culture has its own significance for this beautiful creature.

 The elegant owls have long been regarded as spiritual guardians, delivering messages from a higher realm during turbulent times. Unlike any other creature, they embody the values of truth, patience, understanding, and wisdom precisely when we need them the most.

These wise birds are a symbol of the transformative power of life’s tumultuous journey. Though their presence often signifies struggle and destruction, they show us that every ending can be a beautiful beginning – an opportunity for hope, optimism, and faith to sprout anew.

When you find yourself surrounded by these nocturnal messengers, or when they frequent your dreams, “PAY ATTENTION”. Their recurring presence is no coincidence; it is a call to action from our spirit guides to listen closely to their messages and be receptive to their signs.

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